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"Let's discover the world's most intriguing city"

As a true Paris fanatic, it gives me enormous pleasure to offer you 20 of my best-kept Paris Secrets, absolutely free!

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Based on nearly two decades of roaming the streets, I've picked 20 of my favourite fascinating factiods which you would never normally discover if you didn't have someone 'on the inside' to tell you about them.

I do it because I love it ~ I think you will too!

My approach to this vast subject is intended to be a managable mixture of bite-sized facts and fun which I hope you'll enjoy. Almost the entire history of this great city and indeed country is written in its streets if you know where to look. And it's through the things we can actually see and touch that I'll tell this story, in the most entertaining way I can. I hope you'll join me on a stroll through the streets of this exceptional place.

As soon as you sign up we'll start scratching well below the surface of the city and uncovering answers to some extremely quirky questions...

   1) When is a door not a door?
   2) Who exactly is the 'woman without a head'?
   3) Where is the man who can walk through walls?
   4) What is the Louvre's most astonishing carving?
   5) Is this the 'work' of a true Napoleon hater, or just an idiot?
   6) What's does the mysterious medieval carving 'FDT' signify?
   7) Just what are all those sinister tunnels surrounding Paris?
   8) What's the surprising secret of the ugly-looking fountains?
   9) Just how low can you go in this city?
   10) Ever seen a ghost station? I'll show you one.

"Let me be your guide"

I love sharing what I know about Paris, and it's the unusual and unobvious aspects that excite me the most. I aim for a lot of this sense of fun and enthusiasm for the hidden side of my adopted city to come through in my Secret Paris articles.

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