Curios Weeks


"Five days of quirks and curios"

Based on nearly two decades of roaming the streets, I've put together a unique five-day Paris historical quirks and curios package with plenty of time left over for you to seek out more curiosities or just do your own thing.

The key elements of the Paris Curios Weeks are:

   ~ Five 4-hour curiosity walks, from Monday to Friday
   ~ Five completely different areas covered
   ~ Out discovering quirks and curios from the word go
   ~ Different times of day for different atmospheres
   ~ A friendly and enthusiastic approach
   ~ Paris 'debutants' and old hands equally welcome
   ~ Plenty of fascinating curiosities  to discover each day
   ~ A fun, interactive approach taken to spice things up
   ~ Small groups: from one to six participants max
   ~ 1st person: €600; 2nd/3rd person: €300; 4th/5th person: €200; 6th person: €100

"The city-with-a-heart approach"

My love of Paris and its historical quirks comes directly from what you can find in the streets themselves. I'm not a historian but a curiosity-seeker. Paris is absolutely full of these curiosities if you know where to look, and there's a story behind each one. My job will be to help you discover them, and understand what they represent.

I love sharing everything I know about this great city, with enthusiasm and my unquantifiable British humour. Depending on what your specific interests are, we can:

  • focus on areas linked to major historical events
  • discover the countless quirks and curiosities of specific quartiers
  • cover street paintings and graffiti or classical public art like statues and sculptures
  • do a magical mystery quiz together in any of ten parks or ten quarters
  • investigate French history: Henri IV, Napoleon I, Louis XIV, the Commune, May '68...
  • adopt an original theme: the Seine bridges; art nouveau; the medieval Philippe Auguste wall...
  • simply wander around aimlessly seeing what we stumble across!
"The Bonuses"

Here are some of the 'extras' I'd like to offer you to make your time in Paris a little bit more special:
  • Sunday Evening Get-together: a chance to meet each other and chat about the week ahead
  • Paris 'Bienvenue' Pack: including local information, maps, brochures and the plan for the week
  • My 'A Bientôt' Pack: a goodbye 'thank you' pack including a desk calendar, my favourite Paris posters and other goodies
  • Your Personal Maps: remember all the places we visited and things we saw with a set of fun maps of the week's routes

"What you see is what you get"

In booking a Paris Curios Week with me you will be getting just that: a week of Paris curiosities with Sab Will, passionate Paris street photographer and fanatical seeker-out of all the most fascinating quirks and curios the city has to offer, as well as its incredible multi-layered history.

When you book a Paris Curios Week with me, you also get
  • a human being (the one you will be with!) who answers your e-mails promptly, fully and enthusiastically
  • someone dedicated to making your time in Paris as rich and rewarding as possible
  • no middle-men, agents or 3rd parties adding 15% or 30% to the price
  • a truly personalised service based on the principle that if you are happy, I will be too
"Don't have a week free? No problem!"

My Paris Curios Weeks only really take up five days of your time, for around 4 hours a day (although enthusiasm sometimes stretches this out to five hours, or more..). But if you don't have time for a full five days of Paris curiosities, have a look at my Paris Curios Tours.

Each tour lasts around 4 hours, is private, completely customisable, and you can mix and match more than one tour, Photo or Curios, in any combination you like. Click the link above to find out more.

"Paris street photography more your thing? Great!"

If you would like to spend more time developing your photographic talents out on the streets of this fantastic city for street photography of all sorts, why not consider my other great offerings, my Paris Photo Weeks and Paris Photo Tours. Click on the links for more information.

"And finally... a Paris gift for you!"

As a special thank you for visiting Sab's Secret Paris, I would like to offer you my FREE series:  'Sab's Secret Paris: 20 Quarters / 20 Quirks'!

In twenty beautifully illustrated articles, I share with you twenty of my favourite Paris secrets.

Simply enter your first name and e-mail address here and I'll send them to you with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. I can never get enough of the wonders of Paris, and I can't wait to share these fascinating discoveries with you!

"What people say about my exclusive Paris tours"

I'm lucky that many of my clients say some very nice things about my Paris tours and the time we spent together in the city. Feel free to browse a selection of them on the Testimonials Page here.

"Get in touch any time"

And finally, do feel free to get in touch at any time with any questions you might have about my Paris Weeks and Tours. I look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you in Paris one day soon!

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